Watch Bugs Grow LLC offers businesses that use/sale our products special wholesale prices on our habitats and other selected products. To become a wholesale customer, you must own a commercial business related to butterflies, moths, and/or insects. If you are, follow the below steps.....

1) First, create an account. After you create an account, save your user name and password.

2) Second, email a letter through Contacts, providing information that would certify that you are a business or a large scale distributor.

3) We will notify you when your account will be changed from retail to wholesale status.

Once we change your status, you can use the discount codes:

" Habitats " at checkout for habitats - around 50% off habitats

" Nets-and-kits " at checkout for nets and kits - around 33% off Kits and nets.

The discounts will be on your total.

If you wish for immediate service please phone us at 352.363.3693